At Brown Tartan Owl, old furniture and home accessories which are tossed aside, whether it’s because they are looking worn and tattered or the style no longer suits your home any more are lovingly restored and upcycled, making them into something unique and special.

If you have a piece of furniture which is an heirloom, but doesn’t suit your style or have a piece of furniture that is tired looking at needs a face lift, then contact Brown Tartan Owl to discuss commission work. Also, if you require a specific piece of furniture, we can source it on your behalf and give it the look and design tailored to your requirement.

There is a range of upcycled eclectic pieces available to buy at Brown Tartan Owl from, decoupage and vintage shabby chic to retro. So keep a look out for new pieces being added to the website or if you like a piece that has been already sold.

We are based in Neath, South Wales and can arrange to collect your furniture. Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Tel: 07543 418947

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AnnMarie, Pontlliw

Thank you once again for both my lovely pieces. The display cabinet which I bought from you was delivered at no extra charge to our house in Pontlliw, by two lovely people. The piece had obviously been lovingly restored by a lady who takes great pride in her work, an excellent job, and great attention to detail. The little key had a ribbon and wicker heart attached - beautiful.

Following on from this, I had bought a lovely oak sideboard on an upcycling site, and I asked Mandy for advice on transforming this piece. She immediately offered to take the piece and work on it for me. As it’s such a lovely piece that I didn't want to attempt myself, I let Mandy and Rob take it for me, confident that it would be transformed. It was delivered back to me within four days and it looks fabulous, excellent attention to detail and has certainly made a big impact in my living room, it is certainly a wonderful focal point. Again Mandy and Rob delivered and put it back in my living room. A lovely couple and I wish Mandy every success in her new venture, I'll certainly be contacting Mandy again. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

My Story

After stumbling into a career within the legal world and with 17 long years of service, I finally saw an opportunity to get out of the miserable rat race that I was trapped in for far too long. Financially, it was a very scary prospect going from two salaries in our household to one, especially in today’s current economic climate, but nevertheless, I took the risk and we have managed. I can now safely say that my profligate ways, where money is concerned that is, are long gone (although, I must admit I still have a tiny weakness for beautiful shoes and bags!!!) and I have learned to economise and value things more. But essentially, I am happy!!!

I took a deserved year out catching up on valuable time with my close family, friends and three beautiful dogs, doing the school run, baking cupcakes (and eating them!!) and pottering around doing the everyday “housewifey” mundane stuff, which funnily enough I actually enjoyed, in comparison to when I was working long hours and was too tired and stressed to do much when I got home.

My passion from a very young age has always been interior design. It all started when I was six years old and I decorated my wooden dolls house with some remnant pink emulsion paint that I found in the shed. Although upcycling is very popular nowadays, back when I was a teenager with my mother’s permission, I loved to upcycle redundant and tired looking furniture around the house and would transform them in to something unique and special. I also had a keen interest in textiles and soft furnishings and so enjoyed the challenge of reupholstering old chairs and making coordinating cushion covers, curtains, table cloths etc. Now that I have my own home, I have many beautiful pieces of furniture around the place that I have upcycled, giving them a new lease of life. Some of which I have adapted and changed their functionality completely, some are sentimental family heirlooms, and others just simply needed a facelift, and for me, nothing is more gratifying.

If you are not that familiar with the term “upcycling”, fundamentally, it is an eco-friendly way of breathing new life into old and worn-out furniture and is an even greener way of recycling. It’s about finding a new purpose for your unwanted items before you throw them away.

Upcycling furniture is very satisfying and rewarding, but being a parent I also have a personal vested interest in caring for our environment. So for me, it is essential that I contribute towards a healthier planet for my son and his future children. It is imperative that collectively as nation we should “do our bit” for the local environment. There is an urgent need today to find alternative ways to deal with our waste, as we throw away a staggering amount of stuff into landfill.

And so my story continues, in 2013 after a lot of consideration, sheer hard work, support and encouragement from my close family and friends, I decided to setup my own “upcycled” furniture and home accessories business called BROWN TARTAN OWL, thus making my dream a reality.

Best Wishes!

Amanda Jayne Davies